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Resident Fear, and The Red Kite Killings available as a series in  a single volume.



The Sacred Protocol, Divine Extinction, and The Ice Wars of Dominia available in a single volume.


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It has been a constant battle with them, they will only price match other retailers.



The Man Who Never Was

Reached Number One in Amazon Historical Mystery Category.


Now 105,869 downloads.

It is available FREE as an e-book on Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, and Nook. Also on Kindle via price match.

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21,833 Downloads so far.


   A Psychological Thriller


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Other Books:  The Jupiter Paradox is now avaialble in all formats

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Resident Fear has been awarded book of the month on for May 2012, as was The Jupiter Paradox this year. and The Red Kite Killings are a now released and are the sequels to Resident fear.


Recent Release

     A Political Satire




The kindle format offered the chance to combine all four books in The Nexus Odyssey into a single download. The same applies to the Evilution series. This hopefully gives the reader the choice to try one book or read the sample download for kindle and go for the series.





Book Reviews

There are reader reviews on and There are also editorial reviews of every one of my books on . I have posted them on this site but I believe it is more authentic to visit the site of the reviewer, in order to get a feel for the comprehensive nature of this non-profit making facility for science fiction fans. The editor publishes absolutely independent reviews of all sub-genres within science fiction. Like many others, I find this site to be very informative and easy to navigate. It also treats the most famous and fledgling authors in precisely the same way in the reviews, which is a refreshing change.


The three genres of the books were published in the following order: 

Science Fiction - The Nexus Odyssey - Comprising The Darwinian Extension Trilogy and Renewal

Alternate History - Evilution - Comprising - The Sacred Protocol, Divine Extinction and The Ice Wars of Dominia

Crime Fiction - Fog on the Tyne - Comprising - Resident Fear, and The Red Kite Killings

The two stand alone books are:

Science Fiction: The Jupiter Paradox

Wartime History: The Man Who Never Was

Psycholgical Thriller: The Message

Political Satire: The Predicament of Redwood Paddock





Why Mars?

The Nexus Odyssey is an epic story of human explration and it had to begin somewhere.

Apart from it being our nearest planetary neighbour, it is about the same age as Earth. Although it is thought to have lost its atmosphere a long time ago, it could have imported the same kind of organic-bearing cosmic impacts as our planet, at the same time. It is therefore logical that true archeological exploration there may reveal things which instruments and robotic devices have so far failed to uncover.

There is also the fascinating presence of canyons far greater in dimension than the Grand Canyon, especially in depth. This gives a natural starting point for research. West Candor Chasm, for example is almost 2,000 miles long and over 5 miles deep in places. When this is coupled with it being the closest planet and therefore the least costly to explore, it would seem to be a no-brainer to consider manned missions in the not too distant future.

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A new scifi novel is on the way


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Summer 2016


Hylton Smith


It now has a title: Panspermia Deorum


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Welcome to my website


The site is intended to help familiarise science fiction fans with my work. Currently I have published eleven manuscripts, but only five are actually hard science fiction novels. I cut my teeth on a political satire, which turned out to be a bit of a rant. It did however give me the push to enter the genre in which my interest has always lurked. Great authors such as Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov are to blame for that particular addiction. 

I hope that people enjoy my humble attempts at creating stories which are grounded in realism as well as fiction. The books are not in the sub-genre of fantasy. Having retired early, I enjoy exercising my imagination and my physique (running and cycling), although they are not obvious bedfellows.

Born and still living in Northeast England does afford me a stunning environment to ease the pain of pounding the roads, and although there are many unspoilt stretches of coastline, the sea is not often at a welcoming temperature. 


Sample Chapters are also available at

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Hylton Smith


A trilogy plus one



A voyage of human exploration



Survival amongst the Stars    



The Jupiter Paradox 


A stand alone volume


A challenge from within


Images of the past and future

Halley's Comet






Galaxies collide

Andromeda and the Milky Way



Many readers prefer to stay with the tactile nature of real books rather than electronic ones.


So, all of my books are avaialable in paperback form on Amazon at a small mark up on cost.


I'd like to express my appreciation to all 306 people who have given their time read and review 

'The Man Who Never Was'.